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"Until there are legitimate

"Until there are legitimate reasons not to transact in Bitcoins I see no reason why I shouldn't. Especially if the alternative is dollars. and I have plenty of Gold and Silver but remember if we transact in those we get thrown in Jail. Maybe the same will happen with Bitcoin but I feel pretty secure that I can maintain enough anonymity through Bitcoins. Plus, Bitcoins is world wide..... I see it impossible that all governments have the resources to stop this thing around the world."

Here is one of the key reason I have not got involved with Bitcoins, the government involvement factor. I believe that if Bitcoin was to be seen as competing with the dollar as a means of transacting, then it will be called a counterfeit currency and declared illegal to use. Then what? Who cares if you technically don't lose your Bitcoins in that case, when you won't be able to use them hardly anywhere, and if you do you might go to jail for it. How can this be stopped from happening?