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Hello, My name is Ben and a

Hello, My name is Ben and a young history buff, working to get his history degree. Anyways, I was planning on not teaching in public school and setting up home school co-ops or families paying for classes sorta thing. Three times a week or something like that. My resource was going to be I have already at least listened to every lecture. Obviously it is going to take some time to become a valuable historian. Anyways, with this coming out by the time I am ready to teach it will be a perfect tool. I was just wondering if any of you have experience with group classes kinda like that, 1 1/2 hours like 3 times a week. I need into the homeschooling world so I can provide the best service, any suggestions would be awesome. My goal is to add a personal professional too the homeschooling curriculum to help with misunderstandings, have fun, and grow liberty. Thank you, Ben Springfield Missouri