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You are free to believe that

And, no social conservatism hasn't done much to advance liberty save for pro gun rights and some other stances.

But you would be wasting a valuable resource by not praising libertarian Christianity.

The Christians in my immediate family are also libertarian or libertarian leaning. They don't want scripture to be law because they know that government is a double edged sword. Of course they'd love the world to be a more moral place in their eyes, as would I, but they believe its up to them to lead by example, not by force.

The thing is, most Christians would agree with that. The non-aggression principle is very powerful when communicated properly to a Christian.

It isn't Christianity that the liberty movement needs to fear, in fact it helps some people become liberty minded. It is Christian theocracy that needs to be dealt with. The most effective way to to that is by introducing Christians to the non-aggression principle and just war, etc. Good Christians will communicate the message to each other and to their leaders. Attacking Christians is the wrong way to go about changing their views on government.

As for this other clown commenting here. He obviously doesn't believe in the non-aggression principle and I shake my head in wonderment over the reason he would bother hanging around a community that does.