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Comment: That would be what I'm waiting for.

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That would be what I'm waiting for.

A good investor doesn't let the emotion of a rising market dictate his actions. It's when prices drop that people should buy. I'm waiting for a discount in bitcoin.

What scares me the most is that thought of, "What if I had bitcoins right now? What would I do?" I definitely wouldn't be spending them, I'd probably be trying to time the market to get out at the top so I can buy more at the bottom. The question then comes, Where is the top? Everyone has their own opinion and thoughts. And are people actually foolish enough to spend bitcoins in this price inflation? Why buy something today for 1 bitcoin when in a week it will only be .5 bitcoin?

But bitcoin can't just keep increasing in value forever, it isn't the housing market or the Dow, you know?