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for the info.

Being a newbie to all of this, I guess I would prefer a face to face exchange in my local city. I'm better at reading people in person. But, that would seem to require me and this "exchange person" to sit at a Starbucks (or someplace similar with wireless) and do the transaction on my laptop.
I'm wondering what kind of security I'd be giving up by allowing this person to help me with my transaction. (because I think I would need it)

Maybe I could ask MN to sell me some, even though he's probably loving the fact that BTC's have gone up considerably in "value" since he received his. I can see that conversation already. "Uhm...Let me think about it..NO."

I'm not looking to move 150k offshore or anything like that. I just want to convert a small amount of FRN's for either diversification or just to play around with. Not ready to put out more than I'm willing to lose at this point.