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Not exactly.

Almost all of these claims that you just made, if understandable, are based on VERY broad interpretations of certain words, and often outright fabrication. While there are many religions with a passing, superficial resemblance to Christianity, the core doctrines are utterly different. Take a look at this site, it addresses it all very thoroughly in different essays:

Most religions have utterly different core doctrines, with some similarity in non-critical tenets - the opposite of what you said in your post. I realize that this is defeating the point of the OP's thread, but quite frankly, I'm tired of seeing this claim.

By the way, FN, I'm not accusing you of dishonesty at all - it's all too easy to cite bogus "facts" by accident. I've done it myself plenty as well, and do my best to correct it when I find out.