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Amen to that!

If a person is aligned with Christ's message they don't have to tell you about it and try to convince you of how godly they are, they *show* you by following his message of love and compassion without ever even needing to bring up the topic of religion. Sadly, many Christians think to be compassionate to a "sinner" or someone they disagree with is to give their approval of their actions or beliefs so they resort to sanctimonious lecturing in lieu of compassionate understanding. Dr. Paul sets a very good example that many could learn from, especially Rick Santorum!

I'm reaching up and reaching out.
I'm reaching for the random or what ever will bewilder me.
And following our will and wind we may just go where no one's been.
We'll ride the spiral to the end and may just go where no one's been.
Spiral out.