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i can agree with that

and might add this,
if the story of the tower of babel is to be believed
then this might have been the point in time where
everyone started talking a different language.
The ones who spoke the same moved to their own countries
but not everyone knows all,so each group had a bit of truth
If this is truth,then most major religions have a bit of real truth
but not all of it.
this would also mean that every religion out there is wrong,or at least
not all right,as they only have partial truth,so they do not teach nor can they teach truth
This is for each one of us to decide,on our own
Love is an emotion as well as an energy field,the more love (energy)
one has the purer their aura is
the more love in the world there is,the less fighting,wars,gangs ect ect there will be
in the end energy is all there is left
hope you didn't mind my rant

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