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I don't understand why you

I don't understand why you say it "could never be called counterfeit". Video game tokens and WoW gold etc. can only be used within the business they are issued, "while bitcoin is good anywhere it is accepted and these places and people are increasing exponentially", that is a key difference between those. I not only think it to be possible for it to be called a counterfeit or illegitimate currency, I think it is probable.
The whole talk about not being able to shut down websites or whatever because of mirror sites and lack of central base to me doesn't make a difference, if it is declared illegal for whatever reason they state (and come on, you know they can come up with something) then the vast majority of legitimate businesses will not deal with it. And most people will not take the chance of using it anyway if there is ANY possibility of going to jail for using it. Not only that, there would be no way to ensure you receive whatever you purchase with them in that environment, it would be like calling the police and saying you paid for some weed and the drug dealer screwed you. So I don't think it matters if it technically can't be turned off or completely shut down, it can for all intents and purposes be made to be practically worthless by being declared illegal. And to think the bankers will just sit back and watch Bitcoin even begin to compete at any level with them is naive imo.