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Thank you, deacon.

I never mind an addition to the conversation. Rant on!

Let me take a really weird way to analogize my thoughts here, but consider the human body's need of protein. Many cultures have quite different "foods" to obtain this protein. Some may eat meat, others eat plants, still other may eat insects rich in proteins. To me, I would rule that eating insects was the "wrong" way to obtain this protein, likewise that culture may consider it a sin for me to eat a steak.

So again, we are on this very thin edge of what's "right" and what is "wrong" where the truth is all methods provide protein.

Deeper down, yes, all is energy. Love is Creation. We are All Love in human form. And those who know it, yet seek to keep it to themselves, seek FEAR as a tool to keep these Truths behind the veil. I suppose if this was successful, conversations like this would not be possible.

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin