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Would you..

Would you allow a brain surgeon who dressed like Bozo the Clown and who told you that he came to earth from the planet Guller operate on you despite the fact that every one of his previous patients had died on the operating table? What if he insisted on breaking wishbones with his nurse until he got the big piece prior to commencing the surgery in an effort to bring about a successful operation?

How about if he told you that he had a prior life as Napoleon Bonaparte and had traveled many times to the planet Jupiter and lived in a home on the moon where he commuted to and from each day? Would you simply say "Well, he is entitled to his 'opinions' and I should not use his goofy unsubstantiated beliefs to choose to distance myself from him?

I have noticed that rather than attempt to provide ANY logical, reality-based facts to disprove my contentions, that the childish superstitious fools try to vote me down.

Way to go you rocket scientists. Thanks for making my point as to how utterly worthless Christianity is.