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devils advocate..

Please allow me to play devil's advocate for a moment by simply asking, "How would you stop it?"

It is difficult to declare it counterfeit by itself. But if its perceived value was generated by manipulating exchanges with other coins and fraud-like devices or schemes, then Im sure popular support would rally behind government intervention.

Its much easier to validate the necessity of regulation to the public when there is a transparent ledger for the world to see. Every virtual currency transaction is 1 open-sourced project away from exposing transactions that have taken place between criminal and noncriminal entities. Investigations will CERTAINLY produce this information.

But what will be done with it?

I dunno, one could speculate that within a couple of years your virtual wallet will need to be federally, & or internationally registered to receive/send payments. Im sure some pretty stiff fines can be mustered up to fund the open sourced investigation hellbent on exposing the usage of NON-FIAT VIRTUAL CURRENCY.

In todays socio-political climate, I would imagine that there would be a very strong support to eliminate 'ALL' cheating through transparency & regulation by creating or validating a current virtual currency into international fiat status.

If granted fiat, BTC,Without a fixed transaction fee protocol, seems to be vulnerable to compulsory fines of extraordinary costs on transactions to/from 'unlicensed' btc addresses or wallets.

Im not in charge of controlling the world, but if I was... lets just say that I would value the potential of BTC just as much as anyone else.

In the mean time anyone can donate here: 16UL3xqtkPyLUuCAvoknQtWThJMPYuvHS2

Any BTC's donated will be held for my son until he is an adult.
As I seem to be limited by the barriers of entry thus far.

Had I not been Id just look around for stuff like this: