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If I had a personal

If I had a personal relationship with Sponge Bob would you think that was silly?

There has never been any credible evidence that a historical Jesus Christ existed. If Ron Paul believes in a historical Jesus Christ, it is due to a lack of knowledge and/or from childhood indoctrination. He, like all Christians have embraced superstition instead of logic and truth. Those with low self-esteem often times embrace Christianity because they think that it makes them "something" or "somebody." They think they are so important that the universe deserves to have them live forever and that strokes their egos a whole lot.

Until you can provide even a scintilla of evidence that Jesus Christ ever existed I'll continue believing that he did not. The burden always falls upon those making the outlandish claims to prove them and not on me to disprove them. And don't try pulling the worthless "faith" card on me for that too has no value. Just ask the followers of Jim Jones or the Heaven's Gate cult. Oh wait, they are all dead.

To those of you who think of Ron Paul as a deity and as being infallible, I have but two words for you... Jessie Benton.