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Why do people keep misusing

Why do people keep misusing collectivist? Arranging things, even erroniously into groups or categories is "not" collectivism.

Collectivism is a political system where rights flow from the government to the people, and are given to, or taken from certain categories by the whim of the government. It is the ideology that the group is more important than the individual.

It has nothing to do with lumping a bunch of people into a group based on percieved physical traits. At best, thats just clear observation, at worse, bigotry. If humans didn't categorize and form patterns thousands of times per day, we wouldn't survive as a species. Our brains are incredably pattern-oriented. You could say its a form of file compression for the brain that helps us take in and sort the information we gather each day.

As for the dead prosecuter... when you serve evil, you will become a victim of it. This man made his living by denying people their right to property and liberty because they choose to put something others don't like into their own bodies. He destroyed thousands of lives in service to the collectivist banking empire. Now his right to life has been revoked. They don't call it natural law for nothing. Cause and effect, blow-back, whatever you want to call it. This tiny speck of psychopathic control freaks who think they own the world, they are working really hard to anger the wasp's nest, and they may just succeed.