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I am one of those people who believes in living and letting others live.

In one of your comments further up in this thread you state that no one can refute your claims about Jesus with facts. You are correct and that is because there are no facts to do so. I think the bible is fictitious. However 64% of Americans (according to the title of this thread at least ) seem to think otherwise. That does not make them right, but if any percentage of that 64% believes in liberty, small/limited/constitutional government... well... how are they hurting anyone or anything?

I also read a comment from you where you ask if we all have to worship Ron Paul and claim he is infallible. No, and thank goodness we do not have to do that because he has made mistakes, and I am not interested in worshiping anyone (I actually become quite tired of the deifying that takes place around here sometimes). The original comment of yours that I replied to said that that people who believe in Jesus are tainting the liberty movement. My disagreement with your comment has nothing to do with whether Jesus is real or make believe, my disagreement is that the people who believe in Jesus are tainting anything.