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Comment: We have "different" definitions of "condone"

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We have "different" definitions of "condone"

....and I said "nearly all" I never said "all"

I was trying to make a broader point, but we are getting tied down by absolutism -- no, not "all" (but I'd argue most) protestant, catholic, etc religions condoned slavery. Again i said "nearly"

In the north many protestants made their living directly or indirectly supporting slavery -- so the "lip service" on Sunday for 200 years makes little difference in the lives of those enslaved, you can appreciate that over that long of a period, right? If you were held as a slave how long would you tell other slaves "oh, but some white folks are against slavery, they say so in words" (crack of the lash "back to work") -- it just doesn't have "meaning" over 30 years let alone 10 or so generations, it's laughable.

Slaves were not convinced white people were against slavery until they saw Lincoln's army come for them.

See where splitting hairs can get you?

My original points stand: