Comment: In point of fact the bible is

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In point of fact the bible is

In point of fact the bible is all about liberty...about CHOICE. The fact that there extremists around who cherry pick what to quote from it(usually from the old testament...which is closer to judaism than christianity) means nothing. I am doesnt mean I am homophobic or pushing my religion on anyone. As for calling it a myth...prove it. Oh, you cant? What a seems to me as if you are pushing your atheism as much as bible thumpers are pushing their religion...after all atheism is just another religion, what makes you any different than them? Let me alone to believe what I want without insulting my beliefs. I gaurantee you I have no problem with your atheism, or with anyone else's religion, let them believe what they want and dont try to exclude them from liberty because of your narrow minded interpretation of a religion you really know nothing about. I will be the first to admit I know nothing about atheism...but I am still a big believer in science and have yet to see it disprove the existence of god. I welcome all people to the liberty movement, regardless of beliefs and motivations.