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I have

I have read it and it lacks any credibility also since it is full of contradictions, incongruities and physical impossibilities. It was written by ignorant shepherds and folks just above the level of troglodytes.

If I posted on the DP how wonderful communism is and expressed my admiration of it without providing any evidence that it was in any way good and when others posted the myriad of bad things about it and if I simply replied with: "Hey, it is what I choose to believe and I don't have to prove anything to you." would you pay any attention to what I said? Not if you had an IQ above 70. The same holds true with Christianity and all other superstitions. Go ahead and believe all that garbage but don't criticize those of us who grew-up and educated ourselves.

Now all of you Einsteins, start voting me down. That should help your sick minds get their freaks on. Ha Ha.

I hope the Easter Bunny brought all of you superstitious children some yummy treats yesterday. lol