Comment: My relationship to Christ is Center to my Life

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My relationship to Christ is Center to my Life

so my perspective comes from that Center. It is who I am.

Honesty, I also feel the need when I perceive an attack, or there is a Biblical misunderstanding, or question to try to help out the best I can. I certainly am not an expert but I like to share what I have been given.

My goal in sharing my faith or Biblical perspective is never to divide, but to try to give understanding from my point of view. I don't see non-Christians as enemies, but as those with whom I am called to follow the Golden Rule when interacting.

That being said, I appreciate it when others share their perspectives with me. I have learned loads from Friends of Liberty here at the Daily Paul, and appreciate the efforts that have been directed in my behalf.

Ron Paul said Liberty is a big Umbrella. I think that gives us a reason to celebrate, not manipulate or disparage those Friends of Liberty we have the privilege of bumping into here at the DP.