Comment: You can worship the god of self, a rock, or a tree...

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You can worship the god of self, a rock, or a tree...

...and I won't bash you for that. But don't bash Christians for doing what Christians are commanded to do in the Bible - to spread the Gospel (which means Good News).

If I recall, that's one of the great things about America - you can worship what ever you want. And I'll fight for your right to do so.

The Bible says that God won't send you to hell, but that you choose to go there, by rejecting God's FREE GIFT of salvation. And if that's something you choose to do so, then you do so at your own eternal risk. If it bothers you to think that you might spend eternity roasting in agony in a very bad place then maybe you should look further into the God of the Bible, and the simple message of salvation.

If it doesn't bother you, don't worry, be happy (er...that is until you die)! I'd rather err on the safe side and accept the free gift of salvation, because after all, eternity is a very long time!

Restore the Foundations - "If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?"