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Well I have

I have come within inches of death on many occasions. I was a matter of a few feet from a shooter in a nightclub who shot 24 people, killing four. I have been in a high-speed roll-over car crash. I have almost drown three times and I have come real close to dieing while rock climbing several times. I narrowly missed being decapitated in an industrial accident. So I have faced my own mortality and have faced it like a mature adult would, not as would a child.

I, unlike many posters here, understand the necessity of evidence, or empiricism. I, unlike many posters here, have evaluated my religious beliefs by the same standards I used to reject other religions and found Christianity to be just as lacking as all the others.

I used to be a Christian and prayed to the sky-guy but I got the same results as if I had done nothing.

Adults understand logic and reason. Children want to "believe."

I have had discussions with communists and Christians think EXACTLY like communists. Their basic core philosophy is: "Don't confuse me with facts, my mind is made up."

I'm an adult and am able to think. Having so many simpleton superstitious child-minded folks posting hurts the cause of liberty and I wish you all would either stop being so freaking lazy and make an effort to educate yourselves or else go to some other site where magic, voodoo, crop circles gnomes, pixies, fairies, unicorns and other mythical beings are discussed and leave those with superior educations and intelligence alone so we can get to the business of saving the republic, rather than suffer with your childish superstitions.