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just say....

A key difference?

... You're beliefs have incorporated in them.. the notion that anyone who does not share your beliefs is going to hell.
That's not nice!
Can you see where he is coming from?

If you cherry pick from your bible... Then why not just EDIT your bible?
Take out all the offensive parts and keep the good parts.
This way, you may be able to convert a few atheists.
There is nothing wrong with good sound advice.
However, the parts about burning, smiting, raping, stealing, taxing and warring for god's sake... REALLY NEEDS TO GO.

BTW.... on one level the bible is all about submitting to the authority of church and state.

On another level, many bible stories attempt to teach how to reach nirvana...
by generating CHRIST / CHRISTOS / CRISCO OIL in the glands and letting it flow through out the body.