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Would the number one problem you have is the judgmental attitude of many "believers"? It is so sad that they cannot communicate with nonbelievers without condemning them! It is not mine to judge anyone, according to what is written in the Bible. That is what concerns me, too. I also found it a turnoff, when my cohorts wanted to "go witness" trying to force their views on others.
God gave us free will! And, we will not beat the hell out of anyone, by forcing unwelcome proselytizing on them!! I like the "first shall be last and last shall be first" scripture. It is not a game that just one can win. The least of the sinners is still number one in Jesus' eyes. And, we ALL are sinners, thus hypocrites!

I tend to find it so when gay people get bashed by "Christians" that would live with each other before marriage. Both are committing sin, according to the Bible. But, it is still not mine to judge them! I could see why others would feel unwelcome, with some of the comments made. There should be no condemnation.

The final word is, ours is a secular government controlled by no religious body. Just the way the founding fathers wanted it! Is it any wonder why?!