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You are wrong. It says

You are wrong. It says unrepentant sinners are going to hell, which is where morality comes into play. You are also wrong about the bible being about submitting to authority, it emphasizes choice all the way through, a lot of the bloodshed is an illustration of consequences for making the wrong choice. A lot of people will ask how could god allow this or that to happen, quite simply its about choice, free will, liberty. To interfere would be to infringe on that right which he will not do. It is true that God is always wanting people to make the right choice, but he never forces them to do so. Also you quote the blood, rape, wars,etc as part of christianity...the bible does indeed list it as some cases ordered by god...but all of that is in the old testament. Christianity is based on the new testament and the teachings of Jesus....God found that the old way was not working, so he introduced a new way instead,that new way is christianity...far more peaceful. In reality though religion in general is not about what happens here on earth while we live so much as what comes after. Atheists believe that after we die we just wink out like a candle...I personally cannot concieve of absolute nothingness, a lack of being and I dont think anyone else can either...the human mind is not built for it...ever wonder why? The best I can do is a state of grey nothingness...but even there my thoughts would still exist....I cant conceive of a state in which there is truly nothing. Hence Atheism seems to require more faith in nothing than religion of whatever type does. Atheism is amusing mainly because if you believe that we came into being from the big bang, you can never explain where the energy for that big bang came from in the first makes less logical sense than creationism in that regard.