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Comment: I have been swamped, but wanted to continue to try to understand

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I have been swamped, but wanted to continue to try to understand

Look, I don’t want to be involved in the wrong thing, so I find your words very concerning. But right now, to me they are just words. I do not know what you are talking about. I do not know the facts you are using to support your premise. To me, if what you are saying is true, it is very important for me to know. However, I am not just going to take your words as being true. You need to come up with hard facts regarding your allegations toward Ron Paul being a Communist. I am not here to attack you. I am here to understand. However, I also feel the need to defend Dr. Paul. I only found Ron Paul less than a year before the last election and it took me a few months before I was willing to speak publicly of my support of him. I do not want to be discredited or lead people in the wrong way. So before I was vocal, I felt like I did my homework. Ron Paul’s stand for life is what sold me on him.
Me: "How is Ron Paul and Anarchist when he served in the US government for 30 someodd years"
You: Like I told you, most Anarchists are just Communists and frauds, and our government is filled with Communists and frauds. They can't actually defend what it is they hope to create, because it's indefensible, it's a betrayal of their oath, but they do know what they hope to destroy.

Well that makes me ask, what exactly did Ron Paul want to create? He had the only plan to Balance the Budget within his term. And he was going to do that without creating upheaval in the social programs to which a great number of Americans have become dependent. That would have avoided anarchy. I think that when the dollar fails we are going to have upheaval, and we will be a sitting duck to be picked off by some communist revolution. One of the ploys is to promise the people the moon, make them dissatisfied with their government, not provide the moon, and then the people revolt. Ron Paul’s plan avoided that.
You: How could he serve in our government for 30 years while hanging out with people who want to break up our country for 40 years?

Who exactly wants to break up our country. I don’t want to break up our country. Who are you talking about?
Me: "We are practically under dictarial rule right now and you are talking about a retired congressman as being a communist."

You: We are aye? Who's our Dictator. Give me a name, and then we can talk about who lives in a world of delusion.

We have a president who is executive order prolific. We have a congress that runs roughshod over the constitution. During the Healthcare debate, people were very upset in their town hall meetings and their representatives did not seem to care, but were bent on promoting legislation that they wanted. I am not so sure the Supreme Courte rules constitutionally either. So, while I am not giving you a single name, I am telling you that the system, the REPUBLIC, has been subverted. The government confiscated the people gold in the 30’s. The Federal Reserve is printing money glibly. Lobbyists buy politicians. Wars are no longer constitutionally declared. The Executive Branch is determining kill lists and American Citizens have been killed without trial or representation by a jury of their peers. Our congress for the most part does not even read the bills they vote on. How can anyone give a yea or a nay in good faith in support of the constitution without reading the bill? We pay more than 60% in taxes and federal regulations. That means people work more than ½ of their day to support an every growing system. I could go on…but that is what I am talking about when I say we are practically under a dictatorial regime as it is.
Me: "calling Ron Paul a Communist and an Anarchist makes me feel like I am going to get purged for having Ron Paul stickers on my cars. "

You: That was his game, welcome to it. An Anarchist turns a liberty minded person into an Anarchist rather than somebody serving justice.

I would like you to prove that. How do you know Ron Paul’s game. Do you have a written record of his game? What do you mean he turns a liberty minded person into an Anarchist? Who are you talking about? Who has been turned into an Anarchist? I am not an Anarchist. I am a law abiding citizen of the United States. I try to obey all laws. I teach my children to do that. I honor authority.
Here comes the link...

Me: "watch this video and tell me how you can believe anything anymore about anything?"

You: I have my own eyes, ears, and functioning mind, I never handed them over to some Anarchist who didn't want me to: "believe anything anymore about anything." Are you a nihilist? Do you understand that objective reality exists and there is a foundation for truth? What is it you think I believe? What is it you think I'm ignorant to, and what is it that you think will bring my whole world crashing down...
Show me your enlightenment and this time don't cut and paste some Youtube video!

That link had to do with Edward Berneys marketing style. It was 10 minutes. If you do not want to watch it, then don’t. The whole culture of American economy was changed with that style of marketing. It also appears that marketing has been used on government and to achieve political agendas. My objective truth and reality lies in the Holy Bible which is the Word of God.
Me: "You tell me who the communists are. You cannot recognize them?"

You: Yea, they're Marxist frauds destroying our country, and so is Ron Paul because he left those who opposed it looking like Anarchists rather than patriots. I'd LOVE to hear Ron Paul deny that he's an Anarchist and to tell people what's wrong with Anarchism, but he won't, because he can't. He thinks his ideas are perfect, and if you should know anything by now, those who claim their ideas are perfect are idealists, self aware liars and Judas Goats leading people towards destruction, because the only place their ideas work is in a perfect world without evil.

What do you mean when you say Ron Paul left people looking like anarchists rather than patriots? I don’t know what you are talking about. How did Ron Paul do that? I am not an Anarchist. I don’t look like an anarchist. I have been a patriotic American all of my life. I still love my country. I am very concerned about its well-being. I don’t know what you are meaning when you say we look like anarchists.
Me: "I cannot believe you are still here a week later saying Ron Paul is an Anarchist and a Communist."

You: Believe it. I'm not going anywhere and I'm well aware of the current state of the world and our Republic, just as I'm fully aware of the modern Anarchist movement.

What is the Modern Anarchist Movement? I am not aware of it. I don’t even know one exists. The only reason I am worrying about it is because you are talking about it.

I cannot decide whether to be afraid of you or afraid of Ron Paul. I have listened to Ron Paul in many different settings. I have never felt afraid or like he was trying to turn me against my country. I cannot understand your motives.

Have you been personally injured or made to look like an Anarchist? What exactly is your proof, other than your words?

I ask because I think it is very important to come to the truth of the matter and it is very serious to me for you to be making these allegations.