Comment: This wonderful site (thanks Michael)

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This wonderful site (thanks Michael)

is made up of:

Believers and non-believers
Whites and people of colour
Homosexuals and heterosexuals
Yankees, Southerners, and Westerners
Normal people (me) and weird people (y'all)lol
Liberals, conservatives, and libertarians
Serious people and jokesters
True members and TROLLS (yuck, barf)
And on and on.....

Let everyone post whatever they want, you can either not read a post, or you can downvote it, and Blast the post in the comments. Along with Liberty comes having to put up with people you don't like or with whom you don't agree.

The main thing to remember is that when it comes to supporting a liberty issue or liberty candidate, we will all (except those divisive Trolls) forget our differences and support that candidate or issue with all of our hearts. Remember, these are the folks you choose to be with---- and, You Gotta Love The Ones You're With.