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"i don't know of a single

"i don't know of a single more important advocacy group."

juries don't set precedent, do they? i though judges do. anyhow, they just have the power to render an over-zealous prosecutor impotent.

i agree with most of what you said. i just don't see how it pertains to my point.

as for sheriffs, there's got to be some reason why they aren't fully using the power of their position. there's leverage somewhere stopping them from kicking out the EPA for instance. likely in the form of political pressure elsewhere. which is easy to do as every state has funding coming to it from the feds. otherwise, they'd be doing it left and right.

so in the immediate sense, jury nullification is the first step because it can be done RIGHT THIS SECOND, imo. finding a constitutional sheriff with the balls to throw it all to the wind will take more work and frankly take MUCH more effort.

both still important.