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More out of context crap to promote veganism. tsk tsk

- Why didn't you post the full verse of Isaiah 66:3? That entire passage has to do with false worship and has nothing to do with vegetarianism or diet.

- The reason for the prohibition of eating strangled animals is related to an accommodation to Jewish converts who were still uneasy about going off the kosher diet. These dietary choices had nothing to do with healthy eating or any literal draining of blood, but was a matter of ritual/spiritual purity. Spend less time reading the ramblings of rationalist lapsed Jews and try consulting an actual historian on what these teachings were dealing with.

- There are tons of qualifiers attached to that verse, you are literally reading that verse like a backwater fundamentalist who dropped out of Bob Jones University. Consult the following verses regarding self-defense in the bible: (Exodus 22:2-3; Luke 11:21). Also take note of other verses dealing with when life-taking is permitted due to the circumstances and positive decrees of God through his prophets: (Numbers 31:3; Numbers 1:3) This doesn't even get into biblical verses that deal with capitol punishment. Seriously, quit trying to twist a few out-of-context verses to your own ends and spend some time studying what you claim to know.

- Proverbs 23:20 has to do with moderation, not with full abstinence or prohibition. Seriously, did you fail out of Logic 101?

- Genesis 1:29-30 is before the Fall, after Adam and Eve sinned, God commanded animal sacrifice, and actually gave both of them clothes made from animal skins. Again, less quote mining and more actual reading and study is in order.

- Isaiah is a prophetic book and deals in a lot of metaphorical language. I know there are some kooks in the Mid-West and in the South who buy into the bizarre notion that Lions will literally start eating straw rather than seeing it's prophetic functionality in the nature of future relations amongst mankind, but you are not dealing with orthodox biblical teachings here.

After reading to the end of your post, I see that you are simply quoting a source with dubious exegesis, which is what I figured. I have a radical suggestion for you, instead of re-posting the obfuscations of other people on a very complex and nuanced subject, why don't you try doing some extensive research? What could it possibly hurt?

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