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I was under the impression that McDonald's was one of the companies that got an exemption.

Did a little research just now and I guess McDonald's got an exemption for raising the minimum benefit, not for the part-time hours requirement. Thanks for correcting me.

It's a tough situation, I will be in the same one as you as they will have to bring in new workers to cover all of the shifts that they need to cover. The net amount of "work" doled out will be the same, but instead of being able to favor certain workers ( I would often work 40+ hours a week well into overtime over some other people who might only get 2-3 days per week), they will now only use me 24 hours per week and then have to use others for the rest.

In fact, some of the people who work less than me will probably benefit as they will become my de facto replacements.

I guess I'll have more time to work on my website (in sig) and fight for liberty!
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