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I totally agree with you,

it's the various religous doctrines, that cause people to be turned off to Christianity. It began with the Roman creation of the Catholic Church, which actually took Christianity and combined it with many different beliefs to lure them under their control. Then Luther created his control doctrine, that led to the Anglican doctrine making the King head of its church. In reality the only popular named group not really following a doctrine was the Puritans. Of course, the other doctrines twisted, spun, and revised the historical count about them making them out to be extreme fundementalist, which they really were a complete opposite. In fact, if it wasn't for the Puritans push to make our government with a separation of powers, and were very involved with the Bill of Rights. If the people who tend to oppose Christianity take a look at the rest of the Western civilization where Christianity is fading, they are all Socialist controlled governments and the majority of the populace are serfs.