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According to bible scholars like Santos Bonacci and Bill Donahue... SALvation has got to do with 12 cell SALts that are ESSENtial to the body for proper functioning. Each SALt is related to a month of the year. Depending on which 9 months you were in the womb, you will be deficient in the 3 SALts associated with other three months you were not in the womb. SALvation through cell SALts.

Okay, so we can accept that modern day organizations deliberately cause ill health amongst the population because it impairs the peoples' ability to think and function properly. IS IT SO HARD TO BELIEVE THAT A LONG TIME AGO... the church fathers decided to keep people ignorant of the esoteric meaning of the scriptures to prevent the masses from functioning at their highest potential?

The light from the sun, planets and distant galaxies all effect living organisms on earth. In fact, Angels of Light ought to be read as Angles of Light. Specific angles of sunlight have different affects.

For instance, if you LOOK at the sun right at dawn when it is just at the horizon.... The sunlight at that angle, through the eyes, will generate a specific and rare vitamin needed in your body.

I sure do LOVE the truth.