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Simple People

“he is making a Straw Man out of me too.”

Is the word “too” meaning to include me? I am not trying to make any Straw Men. Josf, I can’t play chess. Maybe 1 move ahead and I might forget what I was planning before I even get to that move. Do you think I am trying to set you up? That is not my goal. I am just expressing my opinions, trying to learn and understand your point of view and reaping the benefits of this mutual voluntary exchange in which costs are involved as well, and wondering if you are still talking to me after me sending you that cartoon? I realize the characters are a bit mixed up and most of the traits resemble me and you are by no means following me, but I just thought the whole thing was funny because the one fish cannot remember what she is doing from one moment to the next.

I spent all day with the Amish and had to get dinner fixed when I got home and had no idea what to fix. That reminds me of the part where she misplaces her family… anyways , we are in search of liberty, not you son. And I know from time to time you must think something is desperately wrong with me when I come up with ill conceived conclusions that have nothing to do with the point you are trying to pound into my head or at least point me in the direction towards so that I might learn something. And I know I can’t even do a jury trial right. I can’t do a play right, and I can’t do a land ownership experiment right either. And if you are tired of having patience with me, I can understand. I am sure there are many more competitive people that can stay on topic and remember the topic and are able to relay the topic.

“Can you trust that even the liars won't raise their hands?”

The liars would probably raise their hands to make the idea of lying sound like a good and positive thing to be had while cannibalizing all that might oppose.
Fitts: “If you can go to the other side of the planet and rape and kill and maim and then come back and be socially prestigious here, and we not know, then crime pays. In that economy: if you can do dirty and secret and still be socially acceptable, then crime will always pay in that kind of economy. So the condition precedent to a healthy economy is: how can we make it expensive to be a criminal? Because if I know that you are wearing a black hat then it is like EWWWW, I don't want to do business with you.”

Yes, I liked that part too. So many of her words rang true after talking with you for all this time. They were just a reinforcement of the things that Joe has said.

I wonder if her talk could be shown to groups of people and if people could start working together to decentralize power back to their own locations? I wonder if chamber of commerce groups would listen to the talk and take action…like loaning each other money instead of getting their money from New York. Investing privately and locally instead of on the open stock exchange. Quit sending power somewhere else. I am not sure if she covered developing a currency, but that could be added so that FRN are not due.

“Fitts also makes the connection between actual POWER, such as Oil,”

OK, that reminds me of the other thing that Chalmers Johnson link I watched. It had something to do with controlling China thru oil. But I can’t remember what it was. I have tried listening to him again, but I fall asleep before I get to that part. I usually have to go to sleep to someone talking so I can quit thinking.

“I'm fuming more, and more, today. My family is so far behind in this,”

Would Fitts get thru to them? Jeff, never has finished listening. He is so busy, plus, his synopsis after falling asleep after 20 minutes is that she just keeps switching from one topic to the next without supporting documentation. Jeff has not had the luxury of learning from Joe for the last year, so the things she is saying are all new to him, so he has no framework to hang her words on. Plus he is not a “money” guy, and that can have its positive sides.

“a second soul next to the innocent soul that existed before the aggressive attack into that targeted individual brain.”

Actually speaking from a Biblical point of view. A non-believer is singular. Just the old man. A Believer has both the old man and the new man residing within.
So you have already read Chalmers Johnson, and last week was the first time I ever even heard of him.
“Thanks for the help, it is precious, and I may be passing on more costs at this point. If you can do me a favor, it would be to avoid being infected by my present mood. I can erase this response, but I think you would prefer that I do not, and so this time I will send it, not erase it, speaking freely, being transparent, may have more value to it than that which is on the surface.”

Joe, I hope you are having a better mood. I am feeling better. I took sudafed for a week and I think it made me feel hollow. I did not feel good last week, but it seems the time I started feeling better, you started feeling poorly. I am glad you did not erase your words. I am glad you sent them. I am glad you feel the liberty to speak freely. I am, your Friend in Liberty, bear. And I missed hearing from you today.
Speaking about Equitable Commerce. I had the ocassion to visit with the Amish today and two men were trying to fix a plastic sprinkler from "Do It Best" Hardware. They asked me if I knew anything about it. I said, no, but my husband can fix anything...anyways we got to talking about our disposable economy. I asked him if he bought it last spring. He said yes. I told him that they were planning for him to buy a new one this spring. This evening I got to thinking about is almost like we are renting. We never really own any of this stuff from China because it breaks on schedule...

The Amish man said something about "keeping the ball rolling" having to do with the cheap merchandise. He also said something about the coming depression will be worse than the one in the 30's. I didn't mean to end on a negative note, just an interesting exchange I had today with some simple people who would like their stuff to last more that 6 months. I agree.

I think I remember hearing Chalmers Johnson say something about us not even being able to make our own clothing here anymore...or maybe that was someone else...I don't know...I am like that fish...trying to keep up with Joe and not being able to remember anything.