Comment: The Truth Shall Set You Free....

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The Truth Shall Set You Free....

First of all, The Bible was written by didn't just fall out of the sky.

Moveover, The Bible was edited and marketed by The (evil) Roman Empire -- as they sought to Institutionalize the narrow concept of State Religion (i.e., thought control) for the purpose of dominating and controlling the people (making them submissive to Authority). They suceeeded.

The Bible was then spread throughout the World, first through the Roman Empire, and then later through the (successor) British Imperialist Empire, and also the Spanish Empire. Get it? And, of course, similarly ... The American Empire.

Thus, The Bible has been the tool of Empires....and not some devine, pure, grassroots, spiritual inspiration.

This Video (below) describes the brainwashing that we've all been subjected to...

Check it out - Video Link ==>: The Bible Revisted


Of course, the so-called "resurrection" was just a story made up, to provide a way of suspending critical thinking, a false rationalization for torture, and making people think that life was immortal. It is not.

The only thing that is left behind, is the deeds that have been done and nothing else. In this way, Martin L. King, and Ghandi are real world examples of Christ-like figures in History who acheived a certain immortality. But the same could also be said for John Lennon, or Hugo Chavez (who reduced poverty in his Country by one-half, and defeated the pretatory Oil Monopolies), or anyone else who leaves behind a roadmap to improve the conditions of mankind.

But clearly, The Bible is just a tool of repression -- as it is made for us to think that only a superhuman Jesus could ever really accomplish anything to really liberate mankind from its suffering or poverty or injustice. Only a "miracle worker" could do that.

But the truth is that the real power lies from within (and not above), and if only we could all stand together (the people in mass) -- we could then finally defeat The Banks, defeat The Empire (globalists), defeat The Corporations, defeat the Oppressors, and also finally take care of one another (yes....a social safety net), and then our World would finally be a better place -- with more equity and more love.

Ahhh yes....the Truth shall set you free......