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Who are you talking about?

Who are you talking about? What beliefs am I clinging to?

One Christian argued with you and now you take it out on all Christians? And I'm not even a Christian so I guess you're just taking it out on everyone.

As far as childishness goes you should re-read your comments and ask yourself if a child might behave the way you have.

So next time a Christian offends you, state your case without being offensive back.

All I argue is that you focus your efforts on those who are against your liberty instead of those who are coming into liberty and trying to learn more about it.

There are ways to be kind to people you disagree with that will allow them to see your point of view without clouding it with nonsense and contempt.

Ron Paul would never treat people in the manner you have here. Again, I'm not even one of the Christians you hate so much and you can't stand that I don't get bothered by them.

Take the opportunity to teach them something instead of lecturing to them. Isn't that your argument against them?

And ultimately, does it even matter if they believe in something you believe is false? If their false belief leads them toward liberty then they are your ally. Learn to work with them and find common ground and common goals and we will all be better off in the future.