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O subjectivity.

O subjectivity.

Although of Christian faith, I have several times - WITHOUT ANYBODY asking me or expecting it - denounced the outraging injustice or revolting crimes sometimes done against peaceful and honest people who happened to be Muslims, or of any other faith or absence thereof for that matter. This is I believe looking at people FIRST before trying to label them, if ever.

By the way, should also Dr. Ron Paul be considered among the "mob charlatans"?

I am asking because in his book "End The Fed" (about which I beg everyone I come across to read), Ron Paul uses several times the quoting and commentary of important passages OF BOTH the Old Testament and the New Testament regarding the notion of sound money, honest scales, weights and measures, to back up his beliefs and values on this critical topic for civilizations and that the peoples of this earth have recklessly overlooked or downright forgotten... (or is the Federal Reserve System and legal plunder thru central banking AND central planning a figment of our imagination over the last century?)

Is he also an "extremist" the 40 YEAR LONG rationalizing of whom about the importance of sound money should be disregarded on the basis of his own faith? Again, I am just asking.

Also, YMMV but I have yet to see ANYONE able to dig out ANY original post of mine throughout almost 2 years that would be arbitrarily offensive on here, RIGHT OUT OF THE BLUE, and which would try making an aggressive case against ANY other faith which isn't mine, or against atheism also, by the way.

Meanwhile, I CANNOT HELP but notice the constant, sustained, RECURRING diatribe of non believers AGAINST ALMOST EXCLUSIVELY one specific faith : ours, Christians. Isn't that a strange coincidence?

I have nothing to say about or against any faith which isn't mine or absence thereof - I am NOT competent to tell others what they "ought to" believe in or not, I can only advertise once in a while about my own system of beliefs - but I beg to have the right to defend mine, precisely, when it is being GENUINELY ATTACKED for no apparent reason other than the pleasure(?) of defaming, debasing, when not downright insulting it.

Now, should I be taken for an intolerant for the above? Or is it TOO MUCH TO ASK?

You decide.

I'd kindly point out, to the OP and others, that mirrors might still come in handy for some people sometimes, if they had doubts.


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