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They both share blame, for

They both share blame, for sure. Kinsella was snippy at times, too, and his remarks in the weeks leading up to the debate were certainly more personal than necessary.

But I think that Kinsella's evasion, if it can be called that, during the "debate" was not a matter of not having answers but rather a matter of frustration over Wenzel's lack of clarity as it pertains to terminology. While Kinsella has a clear definition for the words he was using with specific purpose (agree or disagree with them), Wenzel was using words loosely and without definitions, or with definitions that differed from Kinsella, but without understanding or acknowledging this. The clearest example, of course, was "scarcity." Yet they could never reconcile that their differences started with semantics, despite Kinsella's best efforts (he attempted to have Wenzel define things, just as he had, repeatedly, to no avail).

Nonetheless, I'm with you as far as the general (in)effectiveness of debates go.

Although, ironically, my greatest intellectual awakening came as a result of a seemingly fragile elderly gentleman who was given a short few minutes to speak during a debate back in 2007...

He conveyed his message to me pretty effectively! :-)