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"Waah, I'm not childish,

"Waah, I'm not childish, you're childish"

Ok, sorry, just couldn't resist =) Won't do it again.

Ok, if you don't worship a skydaddy then we're GOOD.

I get your point, ' What if a false doctrine leads to liberty and happiness?'

It all sounds good and dandy till you realize that this way of thinking implies you can believe in absolutely ANYTHING, however far from the truth it may be. That for me is unpalaptable. Truth will always be more important to me than blissful ignorance and I made the decision to fight ignorance and have been successful in a small way in my life so far so this is not the time to quit.

And Ron Paul was offensive to a LOT of people during the primaries as anyone could see. He just cared more for truth than for keeping people in blissful ignorance.