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Comment: Here is the book I read when I wasn't even 20 yet

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Here is the book I read when I wasn't even 20 yet

Here is the book I read when I wasn't even 20 yet :

"The cut off hands from the Taiga"

(unsure if there is an english version)

This historical journalism work is about a specific story of the 1920s/1930s in Soviets' Russia, when the Goulags were already well installed and functioning :

desperate prisoners/slaves of Goulags WOULD CUT OFF THEIR OWN HANDS and find ways to "ship" them in the few of those cargo trains which sometimes had connections out of USSR to the western world with a one liner message to try alert the rest of the world of the horrors happening there ... 50 YEARS BEFORE we ever learn about those (in the 70s), after Nazi Germany's front scene crimes.

And YET, in the 60s/70s, French writers and philosophers alike Jean Paul Sartre et al., WERE STILL ADVOCATING AND BOASTING about the "great communist experiment" in USSR.


Now you understand how I feel when I see an "american" socialist or communist coming to my face in the 21st century, and in America : I feel like seeing or hearing from insults in flesh and bones, on feet, spitting their nonsense against human intelligence and memory.

"I prefer rogues to IMBECILES, because rogues SOMETIMES REST."

(Alexandre Dumas)

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