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I sympathize with your

I sympathize with your comment. Born and raised Roman Catholic. Parents are very...actually that's kind of subjective. Parents practice their faith religiously, no pun intended, well maybe just a little.
Went to a Catholic grade school. I was even an altar boy for 4 years. Attended a Catholic high school for 2 years.
I too stopped attended church services regularly. I still go every once in a while on special occasions, Holidays, Weddings, etc. Parents never pressure otherwise. We discuss everything openly. Religions, politics, race issues, sexual orientation. We don't always agree but, that doesn't matter.
I respect any faith anyone wants to practice. I despise "bible thumpers" of any kind, trying to ram their religion down my throat. If you feel your faith or beliefs make you self-righteous or superior to anyone else, we'll then you're just and arrogant ass.