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It's all about group identity

I'm a Mormon. Here's the thing, there is plenty to bash about our faith. A Mormon man has got to have some thick skin if he is to engage in honest and open discussion with rational individuals.

Our history is checkered and the door of criticism is wide. To truly stand as a witness of Christ (in every sense), a man must accept sound logic from those who use it, recognize the fallibility of the past, and love every man until every last drop of energy is spent.

Finally, laugh at the ignorant.

We in the liberty community strive so hard for a cohesive identity, but the warning lights start flashing the moment we encounter any other group with a strong identity. That's a good thing, it keeps us ever vigilant with regards to conspiracy and hidden machines of coercion. But it comes at a cost. And unfortunately, we Mormons are on the receiving end of it.

But we, as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, must understand that not all fear is bigotry. Be kind, virtuous, and Christlike; the ignorance and bashing will fade.