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Your still not getting it.

When one is in court with a "charge" the court is talking to the defendant as a legal capacity that they presume is under contractual obligations subject to privileges and immunities defined by legislative code. This is a reality in the operation of our courts whether you want to believe it or not. The birth certificate is the registration of the corporation/person and the ID is the registered legal person/corporation. The terms of the "contract" are that you get to pay to be a citizen of the United States (the legal person/corporation) and you have access to the benefits but in exchange for those benefits you are subject to the regulatory jurisdiction of the applicable legislature. The legislature through code made the words person and corporation have the same meaning and this is exactly how the court is operating today.

I gave you some of the background in the comment but the boots on the ground facts today is that this exactly how the courts are operating. They know the person has no rights and they know it is all by their own consent whether that consent is conscious or unconscious makes know difference to them. This is how the systems works though. Denying this fact is literally insane where I define insane as one who cannot perceive truth. One cannot crawl out of the matrix without realizing this fact. Even the movie the matrix was demonstrating this fact through art. We are in the matrix sleeping in our corporate veil plugged into the distraction of entertainment and media piped directly into our brains. Our birth certificates are the registered identity of us in the matrix and initiates the power of the machine that feeds off of us. Did you know that the Birth Certificate is a financial security instruments for the Federal Banking System that calculate the future profit earning potential of the PERSON which is a measure of how much that PERSON will pay in income taxes over their lifetimes? Did you know that this is the organic source of T Bills and ultimately the source of the Federal Reserve Note creation?

I know how crazy this all sounds when someone does know this, I was there. Then I saw this discussed in detail in court and I had discussions with Attorney's sent from the Florida Supreme Court to try to deal with the case then I had attorney's explain to me the Bates Number applied to the Birth Certificates and acknowledgment that this was going on. Since then everyone I have seen who calls out the fraud wins in court every time. Now it is getting so big the courts are starting to freak out because they are realizing the knowledge cannot be contained. Although the courts still realize that most have no idea that this is going on. Also typically it is not usually the underlings in the court who are aware of this but the Judges and mid-level State Attorney's, I have seen a younger State attorney blow a gasket in the court because he could not understand how he was getting dominated in law by someone who had never gone to law school. I have had debates with spies sent in from the Public defenders who have been logically destroyed to the point where they walked away realizing that they are working for a criminal organization. I have dominated every case I have been in since I learned this where I used to have no idea what was going on. So in the end I know it sounds weird if you have never heard this before but once you REALLY dig in you will find out that You have always had rights and the government knows this. However, YOU have privileges and immunities defined by code and the government knows this too. Writing facts off as BS is probably going to make you look bad. I would suggest keeping more of open mind and you may find out how to protect yourself and learn how to never get fooled by any politician ever again. This info is like brainwashing repellent.

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