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I still r3VOL ya, even though I consider

AJ an ally and a canary in the coal mine, as well as his 17yrs of record in the Freedom Movement irrefutably tells anyone paying attention where his heart and intentions are.

It's all info; if it enlightens, informs, inspires, angers, or even merely question the world around you w/ a different POV, it'd have been worth it.

But, if the info, or the messenger of the said info becomes destructive, detrimental, depressing, et al? As the cliche goes, change da channel.

I still have no clue as a paleo-conservative, Constitutionalist, minarchist, AnCap/Voluntaryist/Agorist community of brilliant, creative, analytic, and loving minds, why we so often go off on tangents on various 'personalities' in the movement, sudden barrage of ANTI-AnCaps, atheists overtly criticizing those who find comfort destiny and truths in faith of a larger creator of the universe when they've never forcibly imposed their will nor seek to convert by force, why 'non'-scientific info and messengers are constantly ridiculed, as if the very idea of worshiping modern 'science' automatically makes one more informed or objective, when there has NEVER been a single epoch in human history where science and religion HAVEN'T been biased and political.

I'd like to assume that 99% of DP members still respect the golden rule, or whether some refer to it as the Golden Rule, or the Non-Agression Principle/Axiom.

It's sometimes a wonder how Dr. Paul could unite us all; amazing to watch the entire liberty/freedom alliance falter into incessant bickering (I wouldn't dare proclaim that I've never participated in such low-brow verbal brawls when necessary, but in my defense, I really really try to NOT make DP turn into a typical HuffPost or Raw or YouTube comment section cyclically riding into useless verbal irrelevancy). It's like don't we have enough REAL threats from REAL enemies of freedom from the rest of the sheeple populace and movement liberals/RINOs/neoCons et al??

It's like some idiotic repressed Super ID has been unleashed at DP, post RP2012 cycle. I always thought most of us here were beyond all the BS, but suppose we're all human, and each of us are individually trying to figure out the best way we each know how to move forth with our insatiable ideas and unfulfilled promise of a strictly Constitutional Republic, and for some, beyond.

I'd say for all the critics of AJ, if they can figure out a way to be 100% independent, fund your own operation with growing popularity, give away your DVD's often for FREE, let anyone anywhere and everywhere copy your works, inform millions along the way, be humble enough to admit your overly interruptive interview style, overly boisterous and obnoxiously annoying at times, reluctantly be in the biz because you're 'selfish' knowing that if the whole Ruling Class con has become detrimental to everyone's freedom that even if you wanted to spend most of your time with your wife and kids, you feel the need to fend off a greater perceived threat that can physically harm you and your loved ones & friends in the longrun into an oblivion, that you obsess over fighting 'them' the only way you know how, while attracting various intelligentsia from all political stripes who obviously recognize what you're doing enough to volunteer to be a guest on your said 'tin foilhat show,' that even though you intellectually 'get' that you should be more zen about it all for your own heart's sakes as well as be more inviting to new listeners who haven't taken the 'Red Pill' yet, you know your self-professed "overly-read redneck ass" simply can't let go and often wish you were a better communicator, yet people who can see the forest beyond the trees can accept and often admire the entire package because they see the need for a BullDog type personality to 'shock the system' and knowing that everyone has a role to play, however different or controversial, then you have your answer.

In short, I read your 1st and last profanity laced revulsion to AJ and those defending him post Piers MORON brouhaha, yet after having read most of your previous threads, even though I personally disagreed with your assessment and believed you were making too big a deal about the 'survivability' of our movement with the likes of AJ being attached to it, it never really bothered me, nor did I ever take it personally: I know where your heart and concerns lay, and possibly originated from.

The way I see it, the moron sheeple populace and the Ruling Class acquiescent MSM don't matter, in fact, they've NEVER mattered. In fact, THAT, is their biggest con.

There's a reason why 99% of the Ruling Class' efforts, time, and 'money' are wasted on brainwashing the populace with propaganda: they're a few, we are many. They have to convince us to police ourselves and each other. Simple divide and conquer, with massively delusional psychological hyper-en masse hypnosis away from reality. To try to seem reasonable to tyrants and their acquiescent whores is a uselessly fruitless one. Though, that is not to say that one shouldn't try to convince others along the way. But, the way I see it, if the audience is tone deaf, move on; there are billions of others who may listen to you or remember what you said along the way. Do the 'drive-by Red-Pillin' lol.

They called RP all kinds of names, threw 24/7 smears his way. But he is who he is, and AJ is who he is. There's a reason why RP has been coming on AJ's show for over 14yrs almost once every month, like clockwork even though he doesn't share all his views (then again who agrees 100% with anyone?) he clearly saw the value in the venue, and AJ's alternative assessment of the world.

Everyone has their own way of fighting for what they believe in. Sure, it'd be more powerful if our focus were on a few strong things, but can't stop others from doing what they individually feel are inspired to pursue most vociferously. But we've all come this far, despite all the disparate paths to the same overall larger goal to be free, no?

And, if the fundamental notion of what human freedoms mean can be negated by utterly brainwashed and braindead simpleton vox populi zeitgeist, perhaps that 'idea' was never that strong, deep, or fundamental, to begin with, IMO.

So frankly, I was never concerned personally, because somewhere down the line, it matters not that people forget or don't care who or what AJ did or say, but when the history aligns and an American sings "1776 will commence again, if you try to take our firearms!" it'll hit them like a ton of bricks, what the veracity of that statement has always been about.

Would it be too cheesy to cite a horrible line from even a more horrible film, by an okayish actor?

"Don't hate the player, Hate the Game."

It still comes down to separating the message from the messenger.

Just glad you've changed your mind to stay, P. Nicholson.o)

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul