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Comment: Christians, jews, and muslims

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Christians, jews, and muslims

Should all learn paganism. Since that is the root of their religions. If Christians took a look at how Muhammad founded his religion and they were like the OP and asked "why?" I'm sure plenty of them would think "if that's how they did it could it have happened to Christianity?" Asking "why" is one of the very best things that make us human.

Researching history and other religions gives us a better understanding of how we have come to where we are today. Looking at how the Greeks were at the height of their ancient civilization and their polytheistic views shows us how in their daily lives they prayed to different gods for protection in so many ways. It varied depending on their trades.

The vikings, Hindi, and Shinto, Aztec, Egyptian, even all the way back to ancient Sumeria. For all that time these people worshipped multiple gods. Then all of a sudden there is only one god.

Religion in some societies was a form of gov't. During the times of the inquisition is a good example of how much power Christianity had during those times. Now, what do we know about gov't here? Government is force. AIPAC is a good example today of how religion uses It's "powers" over our gov't through force.

Back to paganism and Muhammad. Muhammad saw how Christianity and Judaism effected the people who practiced them and he had met travelling pagans and he basically took some of the practices from paganism and decided that if he made his own religion he could control the people better if he got them to accept this religion and he did it.

Religion is a form of control, force and a way to gain power for our ancient politicians to use to bend society as they wanted. Today it is still a great deception as we see by looking at Israel, or by the actions of the modern day muslims.

Homeland security statement: patriotism is now considered terrorism.
I love shared it with everyone I know. If anything they realize its not just a red and blue idiot running for reelection.