Comment: And YOU have a direct line to all earth's truth?

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And YOU have a direct line to all earth's truth?

Never claim to have "the" truth - that is an impossibility. Perhaps you have discovered some "truths" in your life, but no one has a direct line to "the" truth. How arrogant.

I find it quite puzzling as to why many non-believers, who seemingly have little tolerance for religious freedom of speech, would support, and vote, for someone who is both a religious man and staunch supporter of free speech - namely Ron Paul.
That always seems so hypocritical to me.

Since Ron Paul claims to be religious - why shouldn't people discuss their own religion - Christianity or Smudge Pot's loving beliefs, on a website devoted to Dr. Paul and his principles in life.
I'm sure Dr. Paul participates in religious ceremonies - do you consider him a fool believing in fairy tales?
I have an idea...
Why don't you gather all the non-believing complainers on this website and send send a petition expressing the views, criticisms. jokes and complaints about religious discussion (the same vocabulary voiced on above by you) to Dr. Paul. Perhaps he would address this serious issue and ask the Christians to please stop quoting scripture on a website bearing his name and to refrain from discussing their belief in God and exercising 1st amendment rights.
Dr. Paul's response would be most interesting - particularly to you. Perhaps he'll be so grateful to find someone accessible to the full "truth" and correct him in his errors.