Comment: I am overwhelmed by how awesome this post is.

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I am overwhelmed by how awesome this post is.

I think we could should have a "usefulness rating" on posts... instead of just up or down-vote... I believe it would be a much better system to allow me for example rate each post on it's "usefulness" in the mission statement of the Daily Paul which is to "restore constitutional government."

That would be an interesting rating to see how people use it and if we can actually weed out a lot of the "fluff" that is a complete waste of our time to be paying attention to.

When I say "paying" - It's not a metaphor. You know how you feel about someone who (some need to remember back when you did) refuses to vote because they are "all corrupt" and won't even watch a Ron Paul youtube. This is the same frustration I have when trying to explain the FUNDAMENTAL importance with respect to being a FREE American who knows the law.

In a truly FREE country you do NOT have the right to be ignorant of the law. If you do NOT know the law - YOU WILL BE PUNISHED.

I guarantee it.

Is this a personal story or something someone else shared?