Comment: Very safe response.

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Very safe response.

Very safe response. So will you teach your children that homosexuality is good or bad? Treating people like human beings is not the question. Christ taught to treat sinners as human beings regardless of their sin. When the prostitute from the story in the bible was about to be stoned, Christ saved her and told her accusers to judge not or be judged. However, he did not say to the woman that prostitution was lawful, instead he told her to go and sin no more.

As for question #2, I agree she has the right to deny service, but then is it fair to punish a different kind of business person with slavery if they have concepts against individuals for whom they dislike? Personally I think it is stupid to discriminate against a persons skin color, religion or age, but shouldn't I apply the same rule, to judge not or be judged, and instead teach that it is wrong?