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Good is making the best of what God gave you.

Sexual activity is an action and there are lots of rules about it regarding fidelity and promiscuity, involving children or drunks, etc., all of which apply regardless of whether one is homosexual.

Most of the drive behind the desire for sex is God-given or innate. He made plenty of homosexuals. What's probably not good is straight people having gay sex (that's a perversion of their God-given nature).

Anyone who knows anything about straight little boys, knows you can't turn them into gay men, and it's nearly impossible to get them to behave like gay men. Give a boy a Barbie, and he'll likely use her as a sling-shot. (I tried to get my brother to wear a girl's play wig, once, and he tore it off his head.)

What we need to encourage is the appreciation of the variety of gifts we were given and to stop forcing each other to fit into an inappropriate mold using government mandates.

What do you think?