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So someone with the means to expand their consciousness

which opens the "doors" to the divine realms is somehow inferior to those who choose to remain in their unexpanded belief? I just want to get that right.

What gospel are you preaching BTW? The Christian one? The one where Christ speaks of unconditional Love towards all people? If that's what you're preaching, then you're doing it wrong.

Someone expresses their understanding of the beauty and freedom of our individual beliefs and you decide it best to belittle their beliefs and assume that their methods of personal spiritual exploration through thousand-year-old traditions is somehow "on the way" to finding Truth? Truth was all I read in Smudge's words. All I hear in yours is the kind that keeps Religious tensions perpetuated.

For the record, most "substances" are like shortcuts to achieve states of being that are also honed in deep prayed or meditation. They help to temporarily shed these imposed beliefs (everything you know is something someone else told you) and you can glimpse the Truth and then live that Truth in your life to inspire other, as I feel Smudge did so well. I have done the same through the path of meditation. And I do intend to reach out to nature's methods of teaching as well. This is MY body, MY consciousness so I will explore it as I see fit.

So to you "Preacher" I say with kind regard, have respect for your fellow man and do onto them as you'd like to have done onto you.

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin