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Comment: Safe response?

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Safe response?

Or a tolerant one???

Christ taught people. Good for Christ. You going off into a religious rant isn't going to win me over. I'm a little L libertarian that has faith in Liberty. But lets play along... if everyone is a sinner and Christ said sin no more.. is she now a saint or will she sin again?

I have bigots in my family. Hardcore ones. I can't relate to their world view but its theirs to make. I tolerate their language because they are family and I choose to just tolerate it, instead of preach. It doesn't mean I agree but remaining neutral means I get to spend time with my family without arguing. Racism is going to persist whether we like it or not. The best I can do is remain steadfast in my own belief system and teach the children in my family the same.

Your post has me puzzled. What is the point?

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul