Comment: What about Rachel Maddow's question to Rand?

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What about Rachel Maddow's question to Rand?

Question #2 is much the same question as whether doctors and pharmacists should be able to say no to doing abortions or providing prescriptions for abortions without having their licenses revoked.

I read once that in the early days of the Soviet Union there was an attempt to redistribute sex to those who didn't get any. Too many young women went crazy being forced to provide their services so the program was quickly ended.

Rand Paul, of course, got himself into trouble with Rachel Maddow for not being enthusiastic enough about being forced to provide services under a civil rights law. He should have asked Rachel about question #2 and if she thought that it also applied to the prostitution business. Could, for instance, prostitutes be forced to provide same sex services since gays and lesbians, ahem, are covered by civil right laws regarding housing and more recently marriage.